Developing and delivering winning strategies

We always define our Success by your results

Developing and delivering winning strategies

We always define our Success by your results

by André Marin


“He has become the model for ombudsmanship in Canada.”

-S. Hyson & G. Munro, Provincial and Territorial Ombudsman Offices in Canada (University of Toronto Press)

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne


“André Marin has served as a consultant for Poteck Power for the last year. Poteck Power has saved millions of dollars to its customers through invoice audits. André’s advice and guidance allowed us to greatly grow our business with large property managers. I would strongly recommend his services and his new company, Anti-Corruption Experts Inc.”

-Poteck Power, January 2017


“I applaud your vigilance, and that of your capable staff, in ensuring that Ontario government services meet the needs and expectations of the people of our province.”

-Letter to Ombudsman, July 2014


“My colleagues and I greatly value your efforts, and those of your staff, to foster greater openness and transparency. Know that we are committed to continuing to work with you to meet the priorities of the people of Ontario  -and deliver the results they deserve.”

-Letter to Ombudsman, July 2013


Former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty


“I commend the vital role you play in in making sure that the provincial government acts in the best interests of Ontarians and services them optimally.”

Letter to the Ombudsman, July 2012


“Our government values your work in ensuring fair and accountable provincial government service.”

-Letter to Ombudsman, December 2012


“Through your work to make government more open and accountable, you are providing a vital service – one that lies at the core of our democracy.”

-Letter to Ombudsman, May 2012


“I have noted your recommendations with regard to fostering transparency in government organizations. My colleagues and I value your scrutiny and oversight.”

-Letter to Ombudsman, July 2011


“I welcome his reports. They’re very helpful in terms of bettering our understanding of what’s working and what’s not.”

-as quoted in Toronto Sun, June 2011


“I think, as a result of the work that he has done, we’ve been able to reshape some of our policies and come up with something that better serves the public interest.”

-as quoted in Toronto Star, May 2010


“It’s great to have a guy like this who is nipping at our heels on a regular basis. He forces us to move. I think that serves the public interest.”

-as quoted in National Post, March 2007


***   ***   ***


Ontario MPPs, Cabinet and senior officials


“André Marin is one of the most respected civil servants in this province and it is for that reason that when he speaks out about an issue, politicians on all sides generally take note. His annual reports are not only insightful, but offer an important look into how the government is accomplishing or falling short of their goals, in addition to pointing out problems before they become crises.”

-Sarah Campbell, NDP MPP, July 2013


“There is one name and one number that everyone trusts and everyone can find. The one title that people identify with fairness, with objectivity, with impartiality … regardless of where you’re from, regardless of what your faith is, what your race is, how old you are…and that is the Office of the Ombudsman.”

John Vanthof, NDP MPP, March 2013


“Your passionate contribution to the public interest is undeniable and I am happy to see that your efforts continue to be publicly recognized and rewarded. The constructive relationship that your office maintains with my ministry contributes to making our province a more secure, just and prosperous place.”

-Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur, 2012


“The Premier values the Ombudsman’s advice. In fact, he almost universally adopts all the Ombuds-man’s recommendations … So, when it comes to making public services the very best they can be, André brings a lot to the table. The Ombudsman’s work leads to real, systemic change…. They’re helping to strengthen public services in Ontario — and around the world.”
-Shelly Jamieson, Secretary of the Cabinet, 2011


“Mr. Marin has provided good advice to the government over the last five years. We look forward to working with him over the next five years.

-Monique Smith, Government House Leader, 2010


“There’s no question Mr. Marin does his work to benefit Ontarians – that’s his job and he takes it very seriously… I have nothing but respect for the issues you choose and the way you do your work. Because of the work you’ve done, our health care system is stronger, so thank you for that.”

-Health Minister Deb Matthews, 2010


“He is a great Ombudsman.”

-Research and Innovation Minister Glen Murray (on Twitter), 2010


“I would like to reiterate my appreciation of the thorough review you have undertaken of [Ontario Lottery and Gaming] and the recommendations you have made to ensure the public’s trust in this agency.”

-Public Infrastructure Minster David Caplan, 2007


“[The Tom Marshall Award] is a vibrant homage to your exceptional contribution to the practice of public sector law in Ontario… You have identified problems and proposed innovative solutions that have allowed us to improve serious situations.  As well, your dynamic approach has allowed us to adapt solutions to different social and human realities.  The francophone community is proud to count you as one of the “greats” … In the name of franco-Ontarians, allow me to thank you for your achievements.

 -Community and Social Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur, 2009


“I especially appreciated your comments on ‘humanizing’ government and the need to look beyond the obvious rules in order to meet people’s needs in a meaningful way… Your report reaffirmed for my constituency staff that we must always stay focused and pursue the best outcome for our constituents.”

-Agriculture Minister Leona Dombrowsky, 2006


“Ontario’s Ombudsman, André Marin, has served the public of Ontario with dignity, and the government has accepted each and every one of his recommendations for reform.”

– Tim Hudak, Progressive Conservative leader, 2010


“He’s not afraid of anybody, especially the government. He’s the voice of the people fighting against slothful, arrogant, insensitive, incompetent government… he is the worst nightmare of any government on a bad day. He’s the worst nightmare, but that’s what he should be.”

-John Tory, former Progressive Conservative leader, 2010


“Your efforts have contributed to social justice, community affairs, public policy and legislation, and have benefited all Ontarians.”

-Elizabeth Witmer, Progressive Conservative deputy leader, 2009


“His work as Ombudsman over the past five years resulted in no less than 21 major investigations and reports, and the government pledged to adopt each and every one of the recommendations of those reports. We… look forward to him continuing to be over the next five years the fantastic watchdog he has been.”

-John Yakabuski, Progressive Conservative House Leader, 2010


“We have to give André Marin a lot of credit… He’s driven by what’s right for this province and what’s wrong with an agency of the government and how it’s impacting the hard-working taxpayers of this province… André Marin was cut from the same piece of cloth as the original Ombudsman in this province, Arthur Maloney.  He set the standard, and we have not had an Ombudsman in that office who even approached it up until André Marin.  He’s doing a terrific job.”

-Robert Runciman, Progressive Conservative MPP, 2009


“By all accounts, André Marin has done a sterling job as Ontario’s ombudsman since his appointment five years ago.  Among other accomplishments, Marin created a special investigative unit that has completed more than 20 reports… [The Premier has] paid public tribute to Marin’s work and welcomed his constructive critique of a provincial government that can sometimes run amok or be prone to inertia.”

-New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwath, 2010


“This is the kind of person we need to look at our public institutions, to have some oversight.”

Michael Prue, New Democratic Party MPP, 2011


“We recognize Mr. Marin’s outstanding intellect, his personal courage, his tenacity, his effectiveness and his ability to communicate effectively… I personally am a fan of Mr. Marin. I am confident that he will serve the people of Ontario well. He’s re-energized that office. He’s made the Office of the Ombudsman water-cooler talk not here at Queen’s Park but in communities across the province.”

-Peter Kormos, New Democratic Party House Leader, 2010


“I can tell you from observing the Ombudsman’s work with a number of ministries and in a number of investigations, he and his staff operate with a sense of dispatch. They tend to leave no stone unturned; they are extremely thorough. He delivers meaty recommendations… he adds public value. We learn a lot from him.”
– Secretary of the Cabinet Tony Dean, 2007


“Every time that he has dealt with an issue, he has dealt with it in a way that brings respect to the job… The Ombudsman has delivered incredibly good reports that make us all accountable.”

-New Democratic Party MPP Rosario Marchese, 2009


“I particularly wanted to express my gratitude for the work you did in supporting changes to both the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the Registrar General’s Office.  In both of these areas of government, your work served as an important blueprint for change that has resulted in a much better platform for services to the public.”

-Michele Di Emanuele, former associate secretary of cabinet and deputy minister, 2010


“The Office of the Ombudsman has served a legacy of which we should all be very proud… Under the leadership of our present Ombudsman, André Marin, the work of the office has continued to be extremely effective and vital, and his reappointment, in my view, was enormously deserved.”

-Hon. Roy McMurtry, former Ontario Chief Justice and Attorney General, 2010


“Congratulations on being selected the 2009 recipient of the Ontario Bar Association Tom Marshall Award of Excellence. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize your contribution to public service in Ontario.”

Chief Justice of Ontario, Warren K. Winkler, 2009


“The role you play in providing an in-depth look at the work of provincial officials… is an invaluable benefit to the justice system and to all Ontarians.”

-Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Heather Forster Smith, 2008


***   ***   ***


Professional Peers


“You have been a great example for ombudsmen who may be reluctant to see the value in being tough, insistent and proactive when necessary.”

-Ruth Cooperrider, Iowa Ombudsman, 2014


“All Ombudsmen in Africa are indebted to André Marin for his willingness to help us sharpen our teeth.”

-John Walters, Ombudsman of Namibia, 2013


“Your ability to mobilize people around you has enabled you to accomplish significant advances in the services offered by the government of Ontario, and I am extremely grateful to you. I encourage you to continue on this exemplary path, which makes you a model of leadership for present and future generations, including franco-Ontarians who wish to pursue law-related careers.”

-Francois Boileau, Ontario French Language Services Commissioner, 2012


“I would like to express my gratitude for your commitment in the field of ombudsmanship, and especially your contribution to the [International Ombudsman Institute] by providing it with valuable ‘Sharpening Your Teeth’ training.”

-Peter Kostelka, International Ombudsman Insitute Secretary General, October 2012


“In your seven years as Ombudsman, you have launched systemic investigations into complex issues, ensured accountability among provincial agencies and positively influenced government policy.”

Allan Rock, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ottawa, April 2012


“Your Annual Report’s tone and style have a remarkable directness… I have circulated it around the office as a model we should aspire to.”

-Beverley Wakem, President, International Ombudsman Institute and Chief Ombudsman of New Zealand, 2011


“From the beginning of his service as an ombudsman, André has challenged those he oversees with a vigour and style that is his own. He has championed the role of the visible, aggressive ombudsman to his peers in speeches, published papers, conference presentations, and most recently in the development of a training program for offices and their investigators.  André’s clarion call has been for the ombudsman to demonstrate value and foster change.”

-William Angrick, President, International Ombudsman Institute and Iowa Ombudsman, 2010


“In Canada, Marin has an unsurpassed reputation for fair, thorough and objective investigations. His SORT model has resulted in major government reforms that improved the lives of the people of Ontario.”

-Public Protector of South Africa Thuli Madonsela, 2011


“I am pleased to say that I have learned a lot from the training and I will be using some of the practices that the Ontario Ombudsman uses in our jurisdiction.”

Joycelyn Richards-Wharton, Office of the Ombudsman of Antigua, 2011


“In the government/non-profit category, Ontario Ombudsman André Marin was frequently mentioned [as a write-in candidate] for ‘his incredible leadership, passion for fairness, and care and concern for those who have been disadvantaged by sometimes well-intended policies and decisions of government.’”

Canadian Lawyer, ‘Top 25 most influential lawyers,’ 2011


“He is a role model in many respects, due to his solid vision of ombudsmanship, and his concrete accomplishments … Mr. Marin is outstanding among his peers, and, as much for his professional qualities as for his effective participation, he has gained great credibility. He thus serves with honour and distinction in his role as a representative of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, of which he is a credible and exceptional officer.”

– Quebec Ombudsman Raymonde Saint-Germain, 2010


“You have shown leadership and innovation and a commitment to delivering work of high quality that is recognized and valued across the international Ombudsman community.  Your office’s approach to systemic investigations has provided a model for many of us.”

-United Kingdom Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Ann Abraham, 2010


“André is highly regarded by his colleagues across the country.  His leadership skills and determination to take on the tough issues and make a difference are evident.”

-Bernard Richard, New Brunswick Ombudsman, 2010


“The training that Ontario Ombudsman has provided … has garnered the reputation of being the very best available worldwide within the Ombudsman and oversight community… [It] is exactly what ombudsmen require in order to improve their effectiveness in strengthening government accountability and transparency.

–Public Protector of South Africa Mabedle Lawrence Mushwana, 2008


“This training program is the best in the world. Your office has shown ombudsmen’s real value to their constituents.”

-Hee Eun Kang, Director of Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, Korea, 2011


“He is a rock star Ombudsman who brought great visibility to the institution of Ombudsman in Ontario and Canada.  He used his office as a bully pulpit when he was military ombudsman and has started off with a bang in Ontario.”

-Linda Lord-Jenkins, Alaska Ombudsman, 2006


“André Marin’s work has angered some … but it has also electrified Ontarians and challenged complacency in the public service.”

-Gregory Levine, Provincial and Territorial Ombudsman Offices in Canada, U of T Press, 2009


“He is dedicated to making Ontario and Canada a better place and his fellow graduates and future Carleton alumni are very proud of his efforts.”
-Jane Gilbert, president, Carleton University Alumni Association, 2011


“Throughout his unconventional and spectacular career – particularly in public oversight – André has modelled the signal characteristics of outstanding lawyering.  His work epitomizes public service, effective advocacy and the kind of courageous and stalwart commitment to justice that brings credit to our profession.”

-David Paciocco, University of Ottawa Law Professor, 2010


“[The Tom Marshall Award] underlines your many years of innovative achievement in the public sector.  The exceptional contribution you have made to Ontario as Ombudsman has helped millions of people.  The reforms that you have sparked as well as the establishment of your Special Ombudsman Response Team have created a more responsible and transparent public service in the province.”

-Allan Rock, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ottawa, 2009


“Your career and contri-butions are exemplary; your dedication to serving the public is renowned.”

-Ontario Bar Association Public Sector Lawyers Chair Dan Abrahams, 2009


“Andre Marin has distinguished himself as a defender of the interests of citizens who come up against large public institutions. As Ombudsman of Ontario, he has won the people’s confidence.”

Sébastien Grammond, Dean, Civil Law Section, University of Ottawa, 2011


“Marin’s experience in Ontario has attracted attention and had an impact across Canada and around the world.”

-University of Ottawa Prof. Gilles Paquet, 2010


“Since the 2005 appointment of André Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman has had a very high public profile … because the office has fulfilled its role expectations like never before.  Marin has often been sharply critical of government; even so, the government has generally accepted his recommendations… Marin has brought a proactive style to the office that has reinvigorated the Ombudsman idea in Ontario – a style that has set the standard for the rest of the country.”

-Stewart Hyson and Gary Munro, Provincial and Territorial Ombudsman Offices in Canada, University of Toronto Press, 2009


***   ***   ***


Public, stakeholders and complainants


“Thank you to you and your staff for all the important work you do for the people of Ontario… In addition to your efforts to work with Hydro One… I would acknowledge the wide range of work you do for us with other agencies and Ontario government ministries.”

-Tom Nash, 2014


“How fortunate Ontarians are in having you as their Ombudsman… It is clear that you are passionate about your work and are hugely committed to doing the right thing, and also to tackle head-on the most difficult and complex of cases that come to your attention. I admire your courage and integrity… How fortunate for the disenfranchised that you are there to represent them.”

-Richard Gray, 2013


“Your office is a bright light – at the end of some very long, dark tunnels. You have made an immeasurable difference in people’s lives.”

-Robert Jackson, 2013


“You are a breakthrough in government operations.”

-Peggy Andrews, 2013


“Ontario is fortunate to have an Ombudsman like Mr. Marin. His passion for fairness and accountability, compounded with his no-nonsense approach, make him a leader in the international Ombudsman world.”

-Danielle Cardinal, 2013


“Thank you for the excellent work being done by your Office…It has been incredibly refreshing, as an exhausted parent dealing with the maze of government bureaucracy, to have the support of [your staff]. They clearly understand the immediate issues and find ways to identify important related systemic issues.”

Complainant, 2012


“Your report [In the Line of Duty, on operational stress injuries among police] has done wonders for the policing community.”

-Municipal police constable, 2012


“Your office has impacted greatly on the OPP and has caused organizational reflection and hopeful efforts to address and improve our wellness. You are the catalyst to positive change in the future of policing and I am truly appreciative to your office for those who will follow in my footsteps.”

-OPP officer, 2012


“Mr. Marin, you and your staff are indeed heroes to regular Ontario citizens that just want accountability and responsibility in this province.”

-Anne Patterson, 2011


“Your 2007 report was a catalyst for change that… has led to several process reforms at the Board… We welcome your feedback and appreciate the positive change your efforts have made in helping this agency deliver better service to the public.”

-Maureen Armstrong, Chair, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board of Ontario, 2011


“Your office has done a great service for civil rights and democracy itself.”

-Rev. Dr. Oscar Cole-Arnal, 2010


“Thank you for this G20 report. It says what needs to be said. Truth is the best defence of democracy and I believe you have served that well. We need more public figures like you. Well done!”
– Fred Williams, 2010


“The Ombudsman has reinforced for us that our obligation to the citizens of Ontario to protect the public interest is the foundation of everything that we do… The ‘shock’ of the Ombudsman’s report brought about deep and systemic change within the Corporation in very short order.  It is unlikely that this could have been achieved through more conventional or traditional means of organizational reform.”

– Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, 2008


“I want you to know how much I appreciated your assistance, without which I am convinced there would have been no action at all on the matter which I brought to the attention of your Office. You opted to go to the trouble of assisting me, presumably for no other reason than that it appeared to be consistent with the public interest.”

Complainant, 2010


“He has fulfilled his role diligently as a critical overseer of government activity.  His courageous and hard-hitting reports have improved funding and access to criminal injuries compensation, led to a revised municipal tax assessment system, reduced the risk of insider abuse in the lottery system, and have secured cancer drugs and other medical treatment for hundreds of Ontarians.  This is someone the Ontario electorate cannot afford to lose as a crucial check on government.

-Afton Eddy, 2010


“Those who govern may not like his public reports, but it takes an André Marin to remind them why they were elected and why they are heading the organizations they are responsible for. Thank you for a good job done for the past 5 years and the years before that, that were all concerned with public service.”

-Gilles Madore, 2010


“Your diligence and hard work are truly appreciated by myself and the people of Ontario.”

-Jeff Pinney, 2010


“It is refreshing and encouraging for parents of children with special needs to see you taking some long-awaited action on issues that have been plaguing parents for years!  You are the voice that government and the general population are finally listening to!”

– Elizabeth Lappin, President, Down Syndrome Association of York Region, 2005


“He’s the best Ontario Ombudsman we’ve ever had, in my opinion.”

-Christine Mank, 2010


“He takes no prisoners and that is what municipalities need … he’s a pit bull.”
–Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, 2008


“The Ombudsman of Ontario, André Marin, is our hero… What the Ministry has dragged its feet on for years, the Ombudsman has investigated and made recommendations on in less than three short weeks.”

-Cynthia Cameron, 2005


“I am still smiling. The unbelievable occurred. André Marin, Ombudsman for Ontario, compiled a thorough investigation into my case with OHIP. Due to his findings and recommendations, the Ministry of Health agreed to reimburse my full medical and legal costs and implement changes to the out-of-country coverage application process.”

-Suzanne Aucoin, 2007


“Thank you so much for taking on this issue and for exposing what has been happening. People on ODSP have very little in the way of a voice, often having reached the bottom by the time money does start to come in. Hardly enough left to fight the strangling red tape of a government agency.”

-Complainant, 2007


“On behalf of all victims of crime in Ontario, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the thorough and professional investigation and report prepared by your office …The report has given hope to many and those that were unable to come forward have now been given a voice.”

-Canadian Crime Victim Foundation Chair Joe Wamback, 2007


“We are impressed with both the (CICB) report and the investigation process.  The issues raised in your report are relevant to all adjudicative agencies.”

-Social Benefits Tribunal chair Chisanga Puta-Chekwe, 2007


“Thank you for doing such a commendable and excellent job sticking up for the misrepresented.”

-Complainant, 2007


“I am very pleased to see how the Ombudsman’s Office has been able to catalyze change at the OLG … I have some insight into how complicated this investigation was, and think that the final report does a marvellous job… When complaints are heard, when the sense of unfairness is given a very public voice, both the government and the governed benefit. This is the best of what an Ombudsman can do.”

-Mohan Srivastava, statistician, 2007


“It will be wonderful to have our children back in our lives … I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all that your office has done to save our children from the mess that they were facing.”

-Complainant, 2007


“We would like to express our gratitude for everything that you have done in favour of homeowners and low-income families… We have confidence in your justice and humanity to continue to help us, as you have been doing thus far. It is a shame that there are not more men like you in public office.”
–Letter from pensioners’ group, 2007

“He’s the most colourful ombudsman I’ve been involved with and certainly a force to be reckoned with.”
–Greater Sudbury City Councillor Doug Craig, 2008


“You have done a great service to patients with advanced colorectal cancer in Ontario.”

-Dr. Eric Chen, 2009  


“We were very pleased, and very grateful to Monsieur Marin for being so persistent and caring and for being such an effective advocate for those who are vulnerable.”

-Wife of colorectal cancer patient, 2009


“Thank God for André Marin. This is a good man who cares not what his political masters think and say. This (Avastin report) will save countless lives.”

-Bruce Starling, 2009


“I thank you so very much for all the work done by the Ombudsman. You will have helped the lives of thousands… and given them hope!”

-Daughter of colorectal cancer patient, 2009 


“(The Too Cool for School Too report) serves as a most persuasive case study for the government to act now… My thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for such a powerful and technically sound piece of work. You have made a significant contribution to the continuing evolution of the post-secondary system in this province.”

-Dr. Harry K. Fisher, former deputy minster of Education and Colleges and Universities, 2009


“I can’t help expressing my admiration for the courage of Ontario Ombudsman André Marin in upholding what is good and upright in his SIU report. He did a superman’s job. May there be more people like him who stand on guard to keep Canada forever strong and free.”

– Andrew Magtangob, 2008



***   ***   ***


Media Commentary


“For close to a decade, Marin has been that infamous thorn in the side of several Ontario municipal governments caught up in backroom antics.”

-Barbara Simpson, Sarnia Journal, July 2014


“Ontario Ombudsman André Marin has gained a reputation for fighting for the little guy who’s stuck in bureaucratic hell.”

-David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, March 2014


“Marin deserves congratulations for boldly defending the public interest … Democracy is best served when effective protections are enforced by a fearless defender… Put Ombudsman André Marin in charge of probing all city backroom meetings.”

Toronto Star editorial, January 2014


“Marin has done admirable work. He doesn’t stand on ceremony, and is not afraid to step on toes, going where the facts lead him.”

Ottawa Citizen editorial, September 2013


“Marin has built a high public profile for his uncompromising investigations into bureaucratic missteps and his willingness to push the government for oversight in more areas.”

-Jonathan Jenkins, Queen’s Park Briefing, July 16, 2013


“He is one of the first officials in the Canadian public sector to use social media to engage in honest and open conversations with citizens … A thought leader in open government … the Ombudsman’s commitment to openness can only lead to better governance.”

-Andrea Smith, Thornley Fallis (PR) blog, April 2013


“Since taking over as provincial Ombudsman in 2005, he’s transformed the job from a quiet backwater that rarely raised a ripple to a crusading, high profile scourge of lazy, incompetent or uncaring government officials.”

Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun, June 2012


“Ontario is lucky to have Ombudsman André Marin, who keeps the powerful honest. It’s a good thing for some that he doesn’t have the authority to lay criminal charges.”

Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun, December 2012


“We can only wish more such public watchdogs… would follow André Marin’s example.”

-Greg Van Moorsel, London Free Press, October 2012


“Marin’s office has done the valuable work of exposing secretiveness and arrogance in some municipal councils. Ontario voters should remember it when they next go to the polls.”

Ottawa Citizen editorial, October 2012


“Marin is a master of colourful language, and it’s his ability to attract headlines that has enabled him to make real change in the province… He’s transformed the [Ombudsman’s] job from a quite backwater that rarely raised a ripple to a crusading, high-profile scourge of lazy, incompetent or uncaring government officials.”

-Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun, June 2012


“André Marin… keeps everybody honest in Ontario and backs down from no one… The name Marin is synonymous with fearless honesty and unshakable integrity.”
-Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun, December 2011


“Marin was one of the first officials in the Canadian public sector to use social media to engage in a real dialogue with citizens.”

-Dave Fleet, Edelman VP Digital, blog, June 2011


“For about $10 million a year and with less than 100 staff, Marin looks at some 500 provincial ministries, Crown corporations, tribunals, agencies, boards, and commissions…  The ombudsman’s office is our last line of defence. Its budget is money well spent to protect us all.”

-Ian Harvey, Law Times, June 2011


“He has demonstrated over and over again the value of his position to public policy.”

Ottawa Citizen editorial, June 2011


“Marin’s [G20] report is a stand-alone condemnation of the provincial government’s secrecy and negligence, and the police force’s abuse of power… For all that, we could not be more grateful.”, “Heroes of 2010,” December 2010


“From the opposition’s perspective, it’s impossible to imagine anyone better.  Mr. Marin… has turned a formerly sleepy outpost into a force to be reckoned with.  With a hyper- aggressive approach to investigating complaints, an apparent enthusiasm for stirring things up and an ability to speak in sound bites, he has repeatedly shone a light on where the government is coming up short – everywhere from the screening of newborn babies to the management of the province’s lottery system.”

-Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail, May 2010


“An ombudsman, by definition, is the public’s watchdog … a dog with teeth.  When the Liberal government of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty appointed André Marin, it got itself such a dog, and publicly revelled in the political points earned for snaring a champion for the common man… Marin’s accomplishments and tenacity are remarkable… André Marin did everything his mandate asked him to do, and more… [H]e’s a watchdog with a pedigree.  But he is also one with the balls of a junkyard dog.”

-Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun, May 2010


“The ombudsman is a natural-born disturber.  He does not hide his light under a bushel… Marin has used these talents to produce many reports into systemic injustice or inefficiency in government.  And thank heavens for that… Marin’s beady eye has been needed lately more than ever.”

-Jim Coyle, Toronto Star, May 2010


“Ombudsman André Marin’s steady flow of systemic reports are strongly worded and cleverly packaged for maximum media impact. His detractors in government seethe unhappily when Marin unleashes yet another punishing exposé, but they’ve learned that his assertions are factual and numbers cannot be dismissed. Marin is bulletproof because he’s seen as very tough but fair.”

Inside Queen’s Park, March 2009


“If there is a problem with something and you want somebody to not only identify that problem, but to also harshly critique it, André Marin is a good one to pick. The Ontario Ombudsman has a legacy of uncovering inefficiencies and incompetency in provincial government organizations.”

Niagara Falls Review editorial, March 2009


“Meet pro-forma-averse Ontario Ombudsman André Marin, who’s kept up a steady blast at inanity, knocking the Health ministry for limiting use of cancer drug Avastin … trying to tighten the regs around notoriously limp cop watchdog the Special Investigations Unit, or winning the return of children to families forced to surrender them to Children’s Aid because of poverty. We’re all safer

with Marin on the dumb-gov file.”

NOW Magazine, “Best Activist” award, Best of T.O. issue, October 2009


“Three cheers for Mr. Marin, a government watchdog who actually watches, and what’s more, really barks.”

-Rex Murphy, CBC-TV, March 2007


“Marin should be lauded for defending all Ontarians and for standing up to the government and bureaucracy and telling them they are wrong.”

-Lindsay Daily Post, editorial, August 2006


“As he’s done with everything from disease screening for babies to Children’s Aid Society bungling to wildly out-of-whack property assessments, Marin… has cut to the chase and shown McGuinty a clear path to reform.”

-Toronto Sun editorial, August 2006


“Marin has…proven adept at bringing accountability to agencies and ministries which have strayed off the path.”
Sarnia Observer editorial, June 28 2007


“André Marin, Ontario’s ombudsman, has developed a reputation for not pulling punches and for standing up for the common man in the face of institutional injustice … when Marin talks, government agencies quiver in fear of what will be revealed.”

-Cornwall Standard-Freeholder editorial, March 2007

“He is, in every sense, the voice of the Little Guy around here. When you’ve reached the end of your tether fighting heartless bureaucracy, Marin’s the guy you turn to.”
–Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun, June 2007


“Marin has had a huge impact in Ontario. In that short time, he has arguably done more for Ontarians than anyone else… With a budget for his office of about $10 million, we sure are getting our money’s worth with this guy.”
–Alan Shanoff, Toronto Sun, March 2008


“André Marin has a flair for rooting out complacency and bad practices in government institutions. When the highly quotable Ontario ombudsman opens his mouth, officialdom squirms.”

Toronto Star editorial, October 2008


“We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: This is the person we want looking out for the public.”
St. Catharines Standard editorial, November 2007


“Ontario Ombudsman André Marin is a passionate and highly successful hunter of bureaucrats gone wild.”
Barrie Examiner editorial, July 2007


“André Marin has shown that he is a first-class servant of the public, dedicated, articulate, engaging and effective.”

-Ewart Walters, publisher, The Spectrum, November 2004